Google Web stories Guidelines


Google Web Stories is a visual storytelling format that allows websites and businesses to create immersive and engaging content for their audiences. These stories are mobile-first, visually driven, and easy to consume, making them ideal for capturing attention and driving engagement.

Understanding Google’s Web Stories Guidelines

It is important to follow Google’s Web Stories Guidelines to ensure that your stories are optimized for search engines and are easy to discover and consume by your audience. These guidelines cover topics such as story types, image and video requirements, text size, and technical standards, among others. You can find Google’s Web Stories Guidelines on their developer website.

Creating Engaging Web Stories

To create engaging Web Stories, you must understand your audience and craft content that is relevant, relatable, and visually compelling. High-quality visuals and interactive elements such as quizzes and polls can help increase engagement. Additionally, incorporating clear calls-to-action can help drive conversions and increase user interaction.

Articulating Brand Messaging within Web Stories

While it is important to incorporate brand messaging within Web Stories, over-promotion, and hard sells should be avoided. Best practices include incorporating brand messaging subtly and within the context of the story while keeping the focus on the content and user experience.

Designing User-Friendly Web Stories

Designing user-friendly Web Stories requires careful consideration of factors such as readability, engagement, and navigation. Best practices include using clear and concise language, incorporating visually appealing design elements, and optimizing loading speed and performance.

Monetizing Web Stories

Monetizing Web Stories can provide an opportunity for businesses and publishers to generate additional revenue streams. Best practices include considering ad placement and frequency in order to maintain a positive user experience and engagement.

Technical Standards for Web Stories

Google has set specific technical standards for Web Stories in order to ensure optimal performance and discoverability. Adhering to these standards, including proper tagging and metadata, can help increase traffic and engagement.

Measuring Web Stories Performance

Tracking and analyzing key metrics, such as engagement and traffic, can help businesses and publishers make informed decisions about their content strategy and improve the performance of their Web Stories over time.

Exploring Google’s Web Stories Tools

Google offers a range of tools and resources for creating and optimizing Web Stories. Best practices include using these tools to their full potential for optimal results and performance.

Collaborating on Web Stories

Collaborating with others on Web Stories can help businesses and publishers streamline the creation process and improve the quality of their content. Using tools such as shared calendars and project-management software can help facilitate efficient collaboration and communication.

Critiquing and Improving Web Stories

Regularly critiquing and iterating on Web Stories is an essential part of the content creation process. Identifying areas for improvement and enhancing them can help improve engagement and drive valuable traffic to your website or business.


Google’s Web Stories Guidelines provide a valuable framework for businesses and publishers to create high-quality and engaging Web Stories. By understanding and implementing these guidelines, businesses can improve the discoverability and performance of their content, and drive increased engagement and conversions from their audience.


What is the maximum length of a Web Story?

The maximum length of a Web Story is 10 pages.

Can Web Stories be used for e-commerce purposes? 

Yes, Web Stories can be a useful tool for promoting e-commerce products and driving conversions.

Can I use third-party tools for Web Stories creation? 

Yes, But it is important to ensure that they follow Google’s Web Stories Guidelines.

How does the Google Web Stories plugin for WordPress work?

The Google Web Stories plugin for WordPress provides an easy way to create and optimize Web Stories directly within the WordPress platform, simplifying the creation process for publishers and businesses.

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